H O M E O P A T H I C   R E M E D I E S

Based mainly on the information you provide, a remedy will be recommended that fit you best in a total way.

Taking the remedy:   A dose consists of 10-20 tiny granules or 2 of the large pea-sized globules or tablets. Be sure to avoid strong odors or direct sunlight when you pour the dose. Pour the globules into a cap of the vial then onto or under your tongue. Do not take water with the remedy. There should be no strong taste in your mouth. Allow one hour before and 15 minutes after taking the remedy before you eat or drink anything, brush your teeth, use mouthwash or any strong flavored substances. If a liquid remedy is recommended to you, specific instruction on how to take that will accompany the remedy.

Action of the remedy:   Each individual experiences the reaction to the remedy in a different way. Usually the effects are gentle and gradual, though at times more rapid or dramatic changes occur. Since the remedies work to better your general health, you should not be concerned if specific symptoms do not change right away.

Intensification of symptoms or recurrences of previously experienced symptoms sometimes occur. These are not side effects of the remedy but an indication that the body is responding to the remedy stimulus. If any reaction occurs that concerns you, do not hesitate to contact the homeopath.

Repetition of the dose:   The most important rule regarding how often to take the remedy is this: the remedy should not be repeated until the healing reaction that has started is over. As long as any changes continue, and especially if improvement is taking place, you must wait to take more of the remedy.

People with long standing problems are given one or a very few doses at the outset of treatment. Experience has shown that if the remedy is chosen correctly, this is sufficient to cause a healing response in the body that normally lasts at least a month. Therefore, in accordance with the above principle, follow-up visits are usually scheduled at about 6-8 week intervals. In order to make the correct decision about repetition or change of the remedy, a full review of any changes that have happened is necessary.

People improve over widely varying periods of time. Even though general health is improving, particular symptoms may not resolve for many months in some cases.

Antidotes:   Certain substances seem to interfere with or reverse the action of homeopathic remedies. Camphor, coffee, tea tree oil, and most standard medications and strong herbs may cause this "antidoting" effect. If you use any of the substances above or recreational drugs, discuss their continued uses with your homeopath. Dental work or taking mineral baths can sometimes also cause antidoting, so please mention your plans concerning these activities.

CAMPHOR is found in products such as chapstick, Tiger Balm, Vick's products, Ben Gay, Mentholatum, Campho-Phenique, room sprays, Calamine lotion, Noxema and other products.

Storage and Handling of Remedies

Storing Remedies:   Store in a cool dark place away from strong smelling medicines or lotions, especially camphor. Do not store the remedy in the refrigerator.

Preparing the dose:   Do not have more than one vial or bottle of medicine open at a time. Do not expose remedies to each other or to strong smells of smoke, incense, cooking, moth balls, perfumes, etc ... or SUNLIGHT.

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